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Some of Terramin's environment team with new trees planted to rehabilitate agriculturally cleared land on their mining lease in the Adelaide Hills

The mining and petroleum industry takes responsibility for environmental issues above and beyond regulatory requirements. The South Australian industry aims to be a leader in environmental practices, setting an example for other states and industries to follow.

Australia's mining footprint occupies just 0.3 per cent of Australia’s land mass and the industry is committed to ensuring the land it operates on is available for alternative land uses. The industry focuses on maintaining or improving native fauna and flora and has contributed to the recovery of threatened species, including extensive support for rehabilitation of native wildlife and biodiversity research. Native vegetation, natural resources management, water management, heritage issues and rehabilitation are some areas where innovative and very successful achievements are being made in the sector.

Stringent environmental regulation combined with industry prioritisation for their immediate communities ensures any potential risks to the environment or communities are managed extremely effectively, with many positive environmental impacts and negative impacts mitigated - and no greater than those of other regional industries.