SACOME's activities in the energy space are extensive and cover the petroleum, uranium and renewables industries, including policy on climate change and electricity.

Our energy focused members currently include on and off-shore petroleum explorers and producers with an interest in South Australia, together with service providers working in energy infrastructure or supply. 

As with any power intensive industry, affordable and secure energy is a key issue for South Australia's minerals explorers, developers and producers. Mining operations are power intensive and dependent on the availability of a reliable energy supply within the cost capacity of their projects. Certainty around long term energy is necessary given the long lead times to establish a mine, their relatively long lives, and global competition for investment.

Affordable and secure power impacts all business, small and large, together with households. However the exiting of automotive manufacturing from South Australia means other large export focused industries are critical to provide the jobs and revenues needed to sustain our communities and economy.  

Below: Arrium prepares for new ore washing plants to be installed in early 2017. Being an energy intensive operation, new and efficient machinery can make a significant difference. The ore washing plants will increase the rate of production at Whyalla from seven to ten million tonnes.