Community Engagement Resources

Enduring Value: The Australian Minerals Industry Framework for Sustainable Development (currently under review) -

Ministerial Council on Mineral and Petroleum Resources - Principles for Engagement with Communities and Stakeholders 

e3Plus - A Framework for Responsible Exploration -

The following presentations are from the SACOME Community Engagement Workshop held on 15 August 2008. 

NOTE: These presentations have been kindly provided to SACOME for display on our website, however please do not reproduce, alter, or publish without permission of the authors.

Indigenous Community Consultation During Exploration - Mithril Resources

Engaging with an Urban Community from Exploration to Production - Hillgrove Resources 

Community Engagement - The Way Forward by Ross Sawers - OZ Minerals

Community Engagement Presented by Gerard Bosch - Australian Zircon

A Read Reckoner - Benefits and Costs of Community Engagement Presented by Prof Barry Burgan - University of Adelaide

The Important Role of Public Consultation in Gaining Legislative and Social Licences to Operate - PIRSA

Community Engagement Tools and Third Party Accreditation - CEGA