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IMX's Steve Staines with local students at the launch of the initiative

On October 18 this partnership was strengthened with the launch of a new community initiative, FOODcents, which expands on existing targeted health and nutrition programs in the region.

Red Cross has delivered services in Coober Pedy for over five years and runs Good Start Breakfast Clubs. The clubs provide a healthy breakfast to school children in Coober Pedy and nearby Marree, and IMX has sponsored the important initiative for the past two years.

The success of the breakfasts and Red Cross’ other initiatives led IMX to extend its support to the new FOODcents program, which will build on the breakfast concept by working with parents and students to encourage healthier lifestyles. The initiative is an interactive nutrition and cooking program that will educate participants on healthy eating and cooking, with tips on shopping, cooking, budgeting and exercise.

The new partnership will see IMX Resources work directly with Red Cross and seek to make healthy cooking a part of everyday life for families in the area.

The program will also educate participants and increase awareness of the links between poor diet and chronic disease.

Steve Staines, External Relations Manager IMX Resources says ‘FOODcents is a logical progression from the excellent foundation that the Good Start Breakfast Club has built over the years.’

Phil Hosking, CFO at IMX, adds “I believe the program has the potential to make a very positive impact within the Coober Pedy community.”

“It is easy for people to slip into bad habits, especially when there is a view that fast food is a cheap and convenient option. Nutritional food is not necessarily more expensive and with a little effort in the formative years, our children will benefit greatly later in life.”

Isla Woidt is the Red Cross team leader for food and nutrition programs in South Australia. She says with a little effort it is possible to save money and provide better food for the family.

“This leads to better health throughout life,’ she says ‘and there is something really special about cooking a meal together and eating as a family.’

Mr Staines says through the collaboration with Red Cross, the company is proud to be partnering with a global organisation that makes a positive difference to people and communities all around the world.

“Despite the positive global influence of Red Cross we feel it is important to start locally,’ he says.

At the FOODcents launch IMX confirmed initial funding of $10,000 to assist with the rollout of the program and also announced a further commitment of funds to support refurbishment of the Coober Pedy drive in. The drive in is an integral part of the local community - only one of two in the State – faced with closure unless significant additional funds to update the outdated technology can be found.

Source: SA Mines & Energy Journal Dec 2013