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Libs Announce Land Owner Advice Solution

The South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy (SACOME) advocates for:

  • Efficient, effective and affordable land access
  • Accurate and informed legal representation for all parties
  • Dispute resolution in the Warden’s Court rather than the Environment, Resources & Development Court

SACOME’s submission to the Mining Acts Review highlighted the need to ensure that land access is efficient, effective and affordable for all parties.

During the preparation of its submission, SACOME consulted with Primary Producers SA, Livestock SA and Grain Producers SA; and were aware of their desire for a Mining Ombudsman. This position was supported in principle as there is a need for these parties to have accurate and informed legal representation.

SACOME’s submission called for clarification of definitions within the Acts to ensure transparency to avoid unecessary legal proceedings.

SACOME has also advocated for the Environment, Resources & Development Court to revert to the Warden’s Court to hear any disputes under the Act. The Warden’s Court is seen to be more accessible, less costly and has a long history of dealing with mining related matters. 

The Department for Premier and Cabinet’s (DPC) ‘Policy Directions’ paper #3 – Land Owner Advice and Assistance highlights the request for the establishment of an independent Ombudsman or other organisation that could provide independent advice and assistance to land owners on exploration and mining matters. This paper further highlights DPC’s intention to liaise with agriculture and industry representative bodies and legal advice groups to identify how an independent advice and/or advocacy service could be established. The paper further states there are many options for possible advice and advocacy services.

Today’s Liberal Party announcement at the Growing SA conference provides one such option, which represents a cost effective solution utilising an existing independent office.

Rebecca Knol CEO SACOME said: “Mining and other land users can sustainably co-exist. SACOME is committed to working with other sectors to achieve this.”

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